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Underwriters Insurance Brokers: Providing Full-Service Insurance in Vancouver & Kamloops, British Columbia

Underwriters Insurance Brokers is a full-service insurance brokerage serving all of BC, with offices in Vancouver and Kamloops. We believe there are a few crucial distinctions that separate us from other insurance brokerages:

  • We help find you the best insurance plan at a competitive price.
  • Our clients are our first priority - we believe your needs are much more important than ours.
  • Our personable, trustworthy team is highly trained in every insurance procedure.
  • We aim to help you feel secure and safe as you move confidently into the future.

Client Service Guarantee

Our Client Service Guarantee demonstrates our commitment to customers above everything else. Our expansive client services include:

  • Conducting an initial, detailed interview (either over the phone or in our office) to establish your needs and interests and begin crafting personalized insurance solutions
  • Obtaining quotes from companies whose insurance policies fit your needs, maintaining open communication with you every step of the way
  • Recommending the best possible option after finalizing our extensive research
  • Providing ongoing support and counsel
  • Sending renewal documents far ahead of their due date, making sure you never fall behind
  • Maintaining a client relationship based on trust, respect, and open communication that always puts your interests first.

For more details on our client services, visit our client service guarantee page.

Home And Personal Property Insurance In Vancouver

Our Personal Solutions Team is here to help you find every solution to your Personal Insurance issues. Whether you own or rent a home, condo or apartment, live in a mobile home or on a farm, we will tailor-make a policy that suits your needs.

Our insurance offices in Kamloops and Vancouver cover every home imaginable; from suburban homes to high rise condominiums. We know you call your place "home" for a reason, and will make sure it stays safe and secure no matter what.

Invite us in and let us provide you the right coverage for your individual home for an affordable price.

Business Insurance Solutions In Vancouver, Kamloops And Across BC

Our Business Solutions Team is approachable and available. We strive to provide well-rounded services to our clients, while being committed to meeting deadlines. Our team is confident and knowledgeable, with a vast scope of combined talent. No matter what your business, we'll find the right Business Insurance plan for you.

Choose Underwriters Insurance Brokers To Secure Your Future

Client relationships are our number one priority. We keep you at the front of our process - from first contact, through to underwriting and claims advocacy. Trust is what our business is all about. Call us today to work with a team committed to finding the best insurance policy customized to your unique needs.

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